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Whatever the name, water powered sump pump, water driven pump or just a water pump, this product is used to pump water out of a sump basin by using fresh drinking. The pressure coming from the municipal water supply is mixed with the sump basin water and this device acts like a vacuum to suck … Read more

These pumps operate by taking the energy in municipal-supplied water at full pressure, run through a venturi device, positioned on the bottom of the sump pit in a basement. They connect directly to the fresh drinking water supply line of a house, or in some circumstances, homeowners connect the pump with a rubber garden hose … Read more

With Summer officially here, watering restrictions are becoming more commonplace. “Local villages have instituted watering restrictions due to the high temperatures and dry conditions expected this weekend and into next week.” was the opening sentence in the Lincolnshire review, covering Lincolnshire Illinois and surrounding communities. We take water for granted, as it’s always right there at the … Read more